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The Top Shots Tennis Program is ideal for teenagers aged 12+ who are new to the sport or looking to build a solid foundation. For beginners, the program uses softer compression balls and reduced-size courts to help develop essential skills like serving, rallying, and scoring. Using 27-inch adult-sized rackets, participants refine basic techniques, improve rhythm, and foster consistency and control. Emphasizing sportsmanship and confidence, Top Shots Beginners is a fun and inclusive way to start your tennis journey.

For intermediate and advanced players, Top Shots offers a more challenging experience with standard yellow balls on full-sized courts. The focus is on enhancing technical skills, tactical understanding, and strategic match play. Participants perfect their strokes, increase agility, and master game tactics in both singles and doubles. Top Shots Intermediate and Advanced aims to elevate your game, preparing you for competitive and recreational tennis success.

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