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Individual private lessons are designed to include all aspects of your gameplay and focus on four key areas: technical, tactical, mental and movement. Lessons vary in length (30, 60, 90 minutes) and you can book a one-off lesson or a regular weekly time. The player and the coach work together to establish what the goal of the session/sessions will be. Goals help establish the timeframe required, with a private coach and in individual practise or gameplay. Sometimes players have a specific need that they want technical or tactical teaching on that requires 1 – 2 sessions. Sometimes video analysis is used in these instances. Other times players decide they need to progressively work through a series of steps over a longer period of time and book a series of regular lessons.

Diagnostic & planning sessions:

A specific diagnostic session of 30 minutes covers attitude, footwork, fitness and coordination, strokes and serve. Together the coach and player make player objectives. A follow-up planning session will focus on how these objectives will be met and in what timeframe these will be achieved.

Hitting sessions:

Hitting sessions are for players who would like to be partnered with an opponent of similar (or greater) matchplay ability and experience. These sessions are popular with intermediate, advanced, or competition players who are in-between tournaments or pre-season. The coach can tailor the hitting session based on what you would like to achieve: a workout, practising a particular stroke, or an authentic game context.

Private lessons start at $60 an hour and discounts are available for multiple lessons booked and paid in advance.

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