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Mission Cards

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Understanding the Stages 

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Understanding Our Philosophy About Kids Competition

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Understanding our Kids Programme


Evolution Kids Tennis

Seed Tennis has joined the Evolution Kids Tennis team (Evolve9)  and is now a formal deliver of this World Class kids tennis programme.


We believe EKT is the most complete kids tennis program ever developed. It is based on decades of working in this area of young players development. It is based on developing the skills really play the game on appropriately proportionate equipment, making really playing tennis achievable for everyone. By building stages for players to move through, and managing the environment very carefully we have created a structure that will help young players maximize their potential whilst achieving success at every stage. Through EKT we have created the foundation for future success and long term participation in “a sport for life”, Tennis!


More than just coaching, EKT is about meeting the needs of players and parents by including Competition, Organized Practice and Social Elements. We don’t just teach tennis we build a whole tennis environment that inspires and motivates players to immerse themselves in the game.


The program has 6 stages from around 5 to 12 years old. Children are grouped on ability and provided with a detailed curriculum and updates through our “Mission Card System”. In this way coaches, kids and parents know exactly what they are working on and how they are progressing. Lessons include athletic skill development and a calendar of both age and skill appropriate competitions and events.


More than just Hitting the Ball

Through the EKT program, young players develop all the skills necessary to play great tennis. More than just technical strokes and shapes; It includes the development of tactical skills, key athletic skills, and the competitive skills to love playing the game. Within each stage the players must complete missions that relate to all these skill categories. We ensure that players are ready both physically and emotionally to love the challenges that come with being a real little court warrior.


IT’s Not Just for Kids
We understand how important the parent is in every aspect of the child’s development. We also know how challenging this can be at times. EKT is not a kids tennis program, it is a kids and parents program and we provide all the tools and training to help get everyone moving in the same direction.

Overall Objectives

The objectives of the program are to:

  • Provide a simple developmental pathway of skill and competency for all young players

  • Develop a supportive but competitive environment for young players

  • Provide clear guidelines for coaches, parents and players to understand this pathway

  • Produce the best 10 and 12 year old players who are well equipped to progress into older

    events and stages, compete and play tennis for a lifetime

  • Create a positive environment on and off the court to meet the fundamental needs of players

    and parents

  • To keep the wellbeing and development of the child as a person at the center of everything

    that we do

EKT Programme Elements

By using a program that includes:

  • Coaching Program using

      - competency-based missions
      - lesson plans
      - core learning principles based on accepted child development

  • Competition that meets the developmental needs of players

  • Practice opportunities through weekly and monthly match plays and club nights

  • Social and Belonging helping players connect both on and off the court

  • Parent Communication helping to manage expectation and progress

EKT Programme Philosophies

We believe in the following core philosophies and they influence everything that we do in our program. Each child has the right to experience an environment that is


We blend the use of different balls and courts to maximize learning and enhance the skill stages both technically and tactically, for all our players.


Learning by doing – we create an active environment where players play and practice much more than they stand around and listen. The most powerful learning comes when we create a situation in which children can learn for themselves.


Mission Based

Tennis is an open skill sport and so we want players to learn to serve, rally and score as quickly as possible in order that they are motivated to continue to develop and remain in our program. We also want them to use their full cognitive capacity, smart kids playing smart tennis.



Appropriate competition drives programs. Every child should play the game and this involves creating appropriate competitive experiences for every child at every age, and teaching them the competitive skills so they thrive within them.


Progressive Technically and Tactically

Technical proficiency can still be achieved in a mission based environment. Children learn best when they have a tactical context then develop the technical skills required to use these tactics. Players do learn through play but coaches should take an active role in providing sound technical instruction.



Coordination and all round athletic development is vital. Tennis players need to be athletes so we spend quality time on warm ups and physical activities and also encourage our young players to take part in other sports to develop these skills.


Kid Friendly

We understand the needs of a child physically and mentally. Training should be structured to repeat skills but also not too repetitious – we will teach in small blocks of time. Each lesson is split into these short blocks which are repeated and reviewed from week to week.


Building Respect and Relationships

Sportsmanship and respect for players, coaches and parents is a core mission of learning the game. We want players to learn to connect, focus and deal positively with the challenges that tennis brings. This is more productive when we all work together and while we recognize all player’s personal achievements we also acknowledge the efforts each person makes to support everyone on the journey!

Understanding the Stages 

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Mission Cards

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Understanding the four key behaviours (Court Warrior)

The four key behaviours (Respect, Train, Explore, Compete) are umbrellas for the keys that we want from every players and are attributes that will help them to be successful irrespective of their ambitions and what they want to use tennis as a vehicle.

Whether a player and parent have dreams of being a pro player or just playing recreationally these behaviours represent both the true origins of the sport and the key takeaways that we should ensure all players in our program receive.

Why does rewarding behaviours work better than just rewarding skills? How can we create an environment with real rewards where players are recognized for things that they actually can control, and everyone feels like they are valued?

Much of the work we are doing in evolution is about creating a program based on an entire ecosystem of development. It is vital that we recognize each individual child and understand that they are all on their own personal journey through tennis and so focusing on behaviors is a key mechanism that umbrellas over every aspect of our program.

Above Information is Copyright from evolve9 Limited, July 2016 .

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